Love is an Open door

The song is from Frozen and possibly one of my favorites other than Let it go. Though this will not be my topic of discussion.

As I am sure I have mention before I live in a house hold with seven other people. Everything seems to be one person’s fault or those that are happening to leave. I am so sick of it. I really want me and parents to get the hell out of this place. Meanwhile, I am going to school and working. Said person doesn’t have an 8 hour job and going school.

Plus, from all the stress my mom signed herself into the hospital. It helped, but it seems they don’t care to see her get better. I will be next if this shit don’t stop real quick.

A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)

This song is by Megadeth. Possibly a very powerful song. There are two versions of this song. One just Megadeth and the other with Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. Which the second is my favorite, because I love Lacuna Coil.

I do not know what to talk about today. So, I think this topic should be the song. Suicide.  I am not for it and I will never be someone for it.

Just a few months ago my little cousin almost tried this very thing. It was a very scary time for me and my family. It made me think of a time I almost tried the same thing. I was 18 years old and my aunt who I was living with at the time was pretty much on my case about everything. I started writing during that time and well I was writing a sequel to Labyrinth for the fun of it. Though at that time it was wrong for me to write about a Goblin King and it was demonic. Long story short it drove me to grab the knife and try to do myself in. My other aunt was there and grabbed the knife from me. I will never forget it. It pretty much haunts me how stupid I was. I thank everyday that she was there to stop me. I thank God for her being there. Thinking about my cousin doing this made me feel abit more sympathetic towards it. Before I found it stupid and would just have an attitude about it. Now, I’m less likely to feel that way.

To anyone that is feeling like they want to kill themselves. Please seek help from a professional or someone you trust. Sometimes professionals make it worse and it’s always best to go to those you trust most. For my therapy I always write it out and it makes me feel a ton better. For others it might me other things. TV, music, reading, or working out at the gym.

Don’t let petty things get you down. There are assholes everywhere and you don’t need to listen to them.

Where’s The Love

The song is by Hanson. Yes, I still listen to Hanson.

I thought I would explain why the topics are on the song, but what I write about isn’t about the song. On Tumblr I had explain an idea that I was going to start there, but moved it here aswell. I’m going to start writing about whatever is on my mind, but take the title of the song I’m listening too. It’s a great way for others pick up new music and take a glance at what I have to say.

I know the post today is short. Today I don’t have much else to say or atleast on this post. I might have another post for you later.

Jekyll & Hyde

The song is by a Christian group called Petra.

Once again the topic won’t be about the song. It’s going to be about role playing.

I love role playing. It’s a great way to practice your writing skills and learn new things from fellow role players. Though of course there are things that I don’t like and have me thinking is this really something I really want to keep doing. Well, for now I am not ready to quit, but the thought has crossed my mind.

Yesterday, I was addressed by a fellow role player who was complaining that I wasn’t on much or taking to long replying to our storyline. When I’m pretty sure I told this said person that I was having some real life problems. Not to mention I had other stories going. I usually don’t take that much time from role playing unless I am really down. This person really picked the wrong person to upset. When I am rushed I have a habit of taking a lot long on purpose. I am not in school anymore and I do not wish to be rushed. This is my down time and I wish for it to be for fun only. Not a job.

It’s annoying that I even have to write about this when I could mention something more fun.

My advice to you role players, Learn to wait or you will never get that great storyline.


The song is by Adam Lambert.

I really have nothing to say about this. Just that I love this song!

No, my annoyance is my parents and those I’m living with. I am trying to find a job and fill out a application and during the whole time hear my name called several hundred times. The one day I was by myself I was able to get 3 applications done in two hours. Where as when they are here I was only able to get one done in that amount of time. No, I have to wait till everyone goes to bed till I can get anything done! It upsets me, because I am trying to find a job. AND YOUR NOT HELPING!! It would be nice If you would leave me alone! Am I the only one that deals with this?

My advice to all of you. Go to the library or find somewhere with wifi. It seems to be the only way I can get anything done.