Just Nothing But Pain

For the last few days I have been in a ton of pain more than anything else. I work at Walmart and work in the Craft/Stationary/Celebration area and they have been making us do most of overnight’s job. Which isn’t what my body is used too. I’m used to making sure the area is clean and everything is in the right place.{We call that zoning}. My little yellow pills haven’t been much help at all except for not making me go “snap Crackle Pop”. Though, sometimes if I am lucky it takes the pain away too. Nope, not the last few weeks. 

On a lighter note I have an A so far in my current class. I’m doing a paper on the on going battle of Christian’s Against Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter and I’m a Christan. 

It’s true!! Anyway my paper was really good. She said it flowed really well.

Well, That’s all I have for the time being. I will update later. 


Today is quiet on the Lupus front

Nothing major is happening to me health wise today. Though the last few days I have been getting vertago pretty bad. 

My head has been spinning real bad when I ring at the register. I work at Walmart, not as a cashier but in the Fabric/Crafts/Stationary deptartment. 

I don’t always feel they understand when I have my flares. It’s not really their fault really. Sometimes I really understand them myself. 

On a happier note I might be getting my Masters. I’m almost done with getting my Bachlors. So, that’s the next step, right? I just don’t know if I want to go and dive back into school. I would like to work on finding a job in wrting something. Even if it’s just something small. 

One of my biggest obsessions now is the show Emerald City and the character Mistress West. The finale was on last night and I hope even with the ratings being not so great that they still do a season 2. I need my West fix. 

Time to start over

My blog wasn’t going no where. I have some followers and I’m thankful to them. Though, I want this blog to have some purpose and help others. I was diagnosed with Lupus a year ago and I want to help others out there get through it with a smile. Even some days you just want to throw the towel in. I still have those days and my readers will hear about those.

Now your asking “Why the name change?” Well, Lupus also means “Wolf” in Latin.


I will still post about music because it’s something I love to talk about. The gif is from Moana and my favorite character Maui. I love the song “You’re Welcome”.

My first lesson about Lupus is this…think about the things you love most. Share them with the world. I also love to write and sometimes it makes me feel better too. So, there might be days you see a gif like this:giphy

Yeah, there are just days the Wicked Witch of the West comes out and wants to play. She is also a favorite of mine.

Since, this hasn’t been anything about lupus yet. I will randomly post another gif and leave you with that.