Jekyll & Hyde

The song is by a Christian group called Petra.

Once again the topic won’t be about the song. It’s going to be about role playing.

I love role playing. It’s a great way to practice your writing skills and learn new things from fellow role players. Though of course there are things that I don’t like and have me thinking is this really something I really want to keep doing. Well, for now I am not ready to quit, but the thought has crossed my mind.

Yesterday, I was addressed by a fellow role player who was complaining that I wasn’t on much or taking to long replying to our storyline. When I’m pretty sure I told this said person that I was having some real life problems. Not to mention I had other stories going. I usually don’t take that much time from role playing unless I am really down. This person really picked the wrong person to upset. When I am rushed I have a habit of taking a lot long on purpose. I am not in school anymore and I do not wish to be rushed. This is my down time and I wish for it to be for fun only. Not a job.

It’s annoying that I even have to write about this when I could mention something more fun.

My advice to you role players, Learn to wait or you will never get that great storyline.


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