Don’t be a girl about it

Don’t be a Girl About it is by Kelly Clarkson and fits well with what I plan to write about.

This blog is about putting a reality check into your thick skull. Listen up folks of Ferguson. You’re causing a riot for something so stupid. Do you not realize when a crime is committed and you run or you attack a cop…… DUH! YOU’RE GOING TO GET SHOT! Your boy was in the wrong and got what he deserved. So, rioting the city is only going to make things worse for you. I really hope for your case that you enjoy prison food, but that’s all about what you’re getting for the next few years. Those that have yet to be caught: WAKE UP! STOP! And GO HOME!

So what he was black and he broke the law. I don’t care who you are but, breaking the law is going to get yourself into trouble. It’s not because of your race. It’s because you’re stupid! Grow up and walk away from this. You’re not winning this. Go home kiss your kids and be happy that you got the chance once again to see them. If you don’t have children or family. Get out there and make a change if you’re not happy with what is going on. If you really feel this kid wasn’t wrong do something, but putting others in danger shouldn’t be one of those. Brown’s parents said to stop and it’s sad that had no respect to honor that. Who’s side are you really on?


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