Final Thoughts

Here are my final thoughts on the election this year. There are a few points I want to bring up to my readers. First I want to mention like I always do that I am not against both Trump and Clinton. I think we are screwed either way with either of them as president. Though, I have a few pet peeves here that I need to point out.

First, do we all remember the last presidential candidates? Obama and Mitt Romney? Do we all remember the stars that did the videos about telling us to vote? I do. Did they tell us anywhere in those commercials that we should vote for Obama or Romney? I sure as hell don’t remember, and I remember it kept very general. Go out and vote. The end. So why the hell are they telling us in the same freakin type of commercial as the last one, that we should vote for Hilary? Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?

Then there is the fact that if you vote for Trump your either a Hillbilly, bigot, stupid, or racists. Hello, folks what happen to Love trumps hate? That’s not very loving. If anything that’s hateful and racists. Really? This whole presidential race has been a HUGE JOKE! Neither of those two losers is right to run this country! Wake up and smell the coffee!

So, this part goes out to all the actors and famous folk. No, I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton. You’re a damn moron if you think I will. I am not a mindless drone that votes for whoever I am told too. I am not racist, a bigot (Though you folks might want to look up the word to see what it really means and then look in the mirror) or stupid.

Those that are voting for Hilary and that have been nice to me and other people not voting for her I thank you for being a person that has an opinion and knows that not everyone is going to believe the same way you do.

No, I am not going to tell my readers who I am voting for. I still believe that is my right to keep to myself. I will tell you this much. Not Hillary. Four others are running, and I’ll let you use your imagination.


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